Current affairs in telgu
  1. daskumar charitam was composed by Dandin .
  2. The vikramsila vihara was founded by Dharmapala .
  3. who wrote "ramcharitra' manas Tulsidas .
  4. Sun temple is situated at  konark .
  5. Arabs were defeated in AD 738 by pratiharas .
  6. Who built the khajuraho temples  chandela .
  7. Arbas were defeated in AD 738 by  Pratiharas .
  8. The dilwara temple is located at  mount abu .
  9. Who was the  real founder of pratihara empire  Vatsraja .
  10. Who was the first imperial chola Mahendrapala I.
  11. in which region was the sarvastivadin sect of  buddhism strong Mathura and kashmir .
  12. In which country is the Angkorvat  temple complex  located  Kampuchea .
  13. The sun temple of modhera lies in which state Gujarat .
  14. The capital of Maukhari was  Kannauj .
  15. Who is the author of "prithviraja vijaya" jayanak .
  16. The actress who was honoured with the Harvey Milk Award recently-Celina Jaitley. 
  17. Winner of the Redlnk Award for Lifetime Achievement in Journalism-TN Ninan.
  18. Winner of the Redlnk Journalist of the Year 2015 Award -Ravish Kumar.
  19. The person selected for Saraswati Samman for 2015.-Padma Sachdev.
  20. The Institution awarded the prize for  "Top Academic Institute for patents 2016"-IIT Kharagpur.