Banking and other competitive exams

  1. Personal computes can be connected together to form a
  2. A____ is named set of characters that have the same characteristics font .
  3. Help menu is available at which button Start.
  4. What is output ? what the processor takes from the user.
  5. For seeing the output you use Monitor.
  6. A website’s main page is called its Home pag.
  7. Changing an existing document is called _____ the document? Editing .
  8. A printer is kind of output device.
  9. Your click at B to make the text Bold.
  10. P.U is brain of computer.
  11. The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called Pointer.
  12. Various applications and documents are represented on the windows desktop by icons.
  13. What menu is selected to cut, copy and paste Edit.
  14. An error is also known as bug.
  15. A chat is a types conversation that takes place on a compute.
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