Banking Exam Model Papers

  1. Assembly language is LOW-level programming language .
  2. The binary system is a number system to the base 2.
  3. On a CD –RW, YOU Can read , write and rewrite information .
  4. Excel can display up to …. Fields of a data form 32.
  5. Legends are used in Auto Sum.
  6. ‘LAPTOPS’ are Lightweight computers, small enough to fit in a small suitcase .
  7. A browser is a Software Programme especially designed for viewing web pages on the internet.
  8. A folder is an organizational tool used to store files, Contains data .
  9. 9.200.153 is an Ethernet address.
  10. MICR STANDS for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.
  11. Outlook express is a e-mail client, scheduler , address book .
  12. A cursor is a symbol that designates the position on the screen where text or codes will be inserted or deleted.
  13. Windows 95 is a operating System.
  14. A bitmap is a format which windows use for desktop wall paper, graphic file format made up of small dots, Specific kind of bitmap files with the BMP Extension .
  15. An example of non-numeric data is bank balance, examination marks ,real numbers, employee address .
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