Banking Exam Model Papers (Computer Based Questions)

  • A report form is used during report generation to format data.
  • Pivot table reports are good for analysing large amounts of data.
  • Graphics objects an a chart are used to add emphasis to chart data ,add interest to a chart , help  explain  the  chart data .
  • RESTORE command is used to restore files from disks made using the BACKUP COMMAND.
  • The vol command is used to see the disk volume label.
  • A MODEM is connected in between a telephone line and a Computer.
  • The background of any word document in the colour present under the option menu.
  • X COPY command can copy individual files or group of files , directories including sub- directories, to   disketee of a different capacity .
  • VDU is used as a output.
  • C++ IS an –object-oriented language.
  • What does OCR stands for optical character reader.
  • Text Can be styled using font.
  • DOT Matrix is a type of printer.
  • One thousand bytes represent a Kilobyte.
  • Grammatical errors are shown in green.
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