Current affairs

  1. The largest no of tiger reserves located in Madhya Pradesh.
  2. The Cartagena Protocol is regarding safe use, transfer and handling of? Living Modified Organisms (LMOs).
  3. The Red Data Book is the documentation of rare and endangered species of?a)Animals, b)Plants, c)Fungi.
  4. The marine animal called dugong which is vulnerable to extinction is a ? Mammal.
  5. The United Nation held the first International conference on human environment in Stockholm Conference, 1972, June 5.
  6. Which type of biome is simplest in terms of species composition and food chains? Tundra.
  7. Which is the World’s largest Wetland System? Pantanal (South America).
  8. Highest tiered waterfalls in India? Kanchikal Falls in Karnataka.
  9. Boriveli national park located nearby Bombay.
  10. Which of the famous for Siberian crane, cormorant, storks spoon bill? Keolandeo National Park.
  11. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Bihar.
  12. The headquarters of international Whaling Commission is located at Cambridge.
  13. Which of the national Biofuel Coordination Committee? Prime Minister.
  14. National museum of natural history at New Delhi imparts Non-formal education in environment and conservation.
  15. CITES is an International Agreement drafted as a result of resolution adopted in 1963 at the IUCN meeting.
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