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  1. which of the following ashokan inscription is in kharoshthi script  shahvajgadi .
  2. which of the following was not a capital of magadhanempire kosambi .
  3. Turamaya a contemporary of ashoka was the ruler of Egypt .
  4. Megasthenes calls the town officials in the mauryan empire as Astyonmoi .
  5. The mauryan state had monopoly over which following sector  mining and metallurgy,coins and currency Armaments and ship builiding .
  6. Ashokan pillars are made of which material  sandstone .
  7. Who was referred to as vrishala and kulahina  Chandragupta maurya .
  8.  The word chakra in the mauryan administration set up meant  police lock-up .
  9. The typical pottery of the mauryan period was  NBPW .
  10. Udaka  bhaga a tax levied by the mauryan state was cess on irrigation .
  11. Who was the son of ashoka mentioned is an inscription TIVARA .
  12. the 'dhamma" ,propagated by ashoka was  the tents of buddhism .
  13. who is the author of "satasai" Hala,a satvahana ruler .
  14. which greek king issued billingual coins Demetrives .
  15. mahendra was the general of which of the following rulers  Demetrives .
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