Reasoning Bits for Competitive exams and Banking Special

  1. Pointing to a girl, Rakesh said, “she is the daughter of the only child of my father”. How is the Rakesh’s wife related to that girl ?

1)Mother                            2)Sister                 3)Daughter         4)Aunt

  1. A, B, D, F, G, H and K are seven members of a family, they belong to three generations. There are two married couples belonging to two different generations. D is son of H and is married to K. F is granddaughter of G’s father is grandfather of A. B’s husband is father-in-law of K. Hhas only one son.  
2.A)How is K related to G?
       1)Sister-in-law           2)Sister          3)Niece          4)Data inadequate 

2.B)Which of the following is the pair of married ladies?
          1)H,K                      2)H,D             3)K,F           4)Non of the above
2.C)How is F related to G?
          1)Son                      2)Nephew      3)Niece      4)Data inadequate
2.D)How many female members are there among them?
             1)Two                   2)Three           3)Four        4)Data inadequate

      3. A is the wife of B. B is the brother of C. C is the uncle of D. Then how D is related to A?

1)Elder brother    2)Father – in-law        3)Son             4)Uncle
  1. Rita told Mani, “The girl I met yesterday at the beach was the youngest daughter of brother-in-law ofmy friend’s mother”. How is the girl related to Rita’s friend?

1)Cousin            2)Daughter         3)Niece                 4)Friend

  1. Pointing towards a female in the picture sunitha said, “she is the mother of Renu , whose father is my son ” How is Sunitha related to that female in the picture?

1)Aunt              2)Mother            3)Cousin              4)Data Inadequate


Answers : 1)1, 2.A)1, 2.B)4, 2.C)3, 2.D)4,  3)3, 4) 1, 5)4,

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