Reasoning Bits for Competitive exams and Banking Special

  1. Thich is related to Thin – in the same way as Idle is related to .

a)Virtous             b)Business          c)Industrious          d)Activity

  1. Neck is related to Tie – in the same way as waist is related to.

a)Watch               b)Belt                 c)Ribbon               d)Shirt

  1. College is related to Student – in the same way as Hospital is related to.

a)Doctory            b)Nurse             c)Treatment           d)Patient

  1. Friend is related to Foe – in the same as Union is related to.

a)Separate          b)Different         c)Discord               d)Diverse

  1. Nail is related Nail Cutter – in the same way as Hair is related.

a)Comb               b)Oil                  c)Scissor               d)Haor out

  1. Museum is related to Curator – in the same way as Prison is related to.

a)Warden            b)Monitor           c)Manager              d)Jailor

  1. Moon is related to Satelite – in the same way as Earth is related to.

a)Sun                b)Planet               c)Solar System       d)Asteroid.

  1. Young is related Old – in the same way as Wide is related.

a)Insufficient     b)Big                     c)Narrow               d)Long

  1. Waves is related to Air in the same way as Ripples is related to .

a)Wind               b)Water               c)Judge                   d)Mandate

  1. Which of the following is related to melody in the same way as Delicious is related to Taste.

a)Voice               b)Speak                c)Tongue                 d)Highness


1)c, 2)b, 3)d, 4)c, 5)c, 6)d, 7)b, 8)c, 9)b, 10)a

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